New Orleans
(The big easy has never been so tough!)

General Mortal Knowledge
New Orleans has always been a very festival and diverse place. You can find almost anything here. Old world ideals and values met new world technology and trends. In a place of diverse, you would think that tolerance and equality would be welcomed. Not so much! The diverse population tends to stick to their own kind. Rich and poor have nothing to do with each other. All ethics groups band together against perceived enemies. Religious groups are even more tight knit. You belong to a group, whether you like it or not, and you don’t associate with anyone else. New Orleans is a city of constant divisions, and there are consequences for attempting to cross the divide.
If you didn’t know what New Orleans was almost completed destroyed by Hurricane Katrina a few years back, you must be living under a bridge. With such a destruction coming their way, you would think the city would find some unity. Guess again, the only thing the hurricane accomplished was more distrust among the divided groups. As certain groups made it through the hurricane barely damaged and other groups suffered greatly just cause more distrust among the city. One thing that did change with the disaster was the increased corrupt activity. While the government unable to maintain control, crime increased and the mob group gained a new stronger control. Also, you have a group of people scared and uncertain about their future you also find carpet baggers willing to sell false hope for a profit. Large groups of people came to New Orleans during the reconstruction to lie, cheat and scam and many people as possible. With all the devastation the city endured, the messed up political system, the mob mentality, and the scammers cheating people, they asked them self what could possible happen next? The city developed sense of been there, done that, purchased all the tee shirts mentality, as if nothing could surprise the residents anymore.
Because the hurricane, most of the political system the governed New Orleans has been completely shaken. During the hurricane, most of the needed staff fled the city, and the politicians were unable to maintain control. During this time, the mob tightened its grip on the city. As the rebuilding process began, the politicians started to butt heads with the mob organizations. This conflict still continues and many times it spills into the streets.

General Supernatural Knowledge
Anyone who has a finger on the supernatural pulse knows the Supernatural history of New Orleans. The city is stepped in vampire mythology and trends. Everyone pretends to be a vampire; it is not uncommon to see wannabe’s walking on the street. What better place for a real vampire to hide than among a bunch of poser. New Orleans has a long history of Red Court Vampire dominance. That was true, before the hurricane. When the mass destruction was making it’s towards New Orleans a lot people fled, and most of the Red Court followed suit. Well, with all that craziness and chaos in the air, how could the Black Court Vampires resist? Even after the hurricane, the atmosphere continued to hang around, giving the Black Court a reason to create a strong foot hold in the area. During the rebuilding process, many of the Red court returned to reclaim their city only to find an infestation on Black had taken their place. Of course, violence in sued for control and has not stop yet. Normally the Red Court, with superior numbers and vast resources, could easily push the Black Court off their territory, but they are still facing a war on two fronts. The Red Court continues to wage war against the White Council independent from their struggles against the Black Court in New Orleans.

Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street is considered neutral ground for the supernatural. There is way too much action and way too many eyes watching to display overtly powerful supernatural abilities. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely off limits to supernatural. With these tourists doing stupid things and extremely drunk, it gives vampires easy targets. Vampire usually find good victims on Bourbon Street, and feeding is allowed. Red and White Court Vampires love feeding down there. It does not usually get them into trouble, unless their dinner draws in a large amount of attention. It’s the same way with another other supernatural creatures, their activities are allowed as long as it’s on the down low. I almost recommend that if you are a person of high moral, I wouldn’t visit Bourbon Street. If you know what to look for, you can see vampires feeding frequently and watching a victim being feed on begs for interference. That kind of activity brings the spot light right on you, and you don’t want that. When it comes to the struggle of the vampire courts, Bourbon Streets is off limits because it is way too easy for combat to draw attention.

The other supernatural creatures in the area are very present. However, with the many battles being wages on the streets, many of them have decided to keep their presence on the down low.

White Court Vampires
They have a decently presence in the city. New Orleans is emotional charged, and it gives them a great banquet to feed on. However, direct combat isn’t their style, so they leave the gratuitous violence to the other courts.
Winter and Summer Courts

They are present. Winter Courts tend to be more present in urban areas, while the Summer Court likes to hang out in parks and surrounding areas around the city. The Winter Court and the Summer Court are too busy playing their own little games with each other to care about vampires affairs. That’s true unless the battle spills into the games. Some of the farie like the lime light and make waves in the city. They can live in the spotlight, but very few know their true identity.

Wizards, Warrens, and the White Council
Wizards have amazing power when it comes to magic. Wizards are around but they are mysteries. They’re never in the same place twice and if you do find one, you can never be sure what is going to happen. With the war between the Red Court Vampire and the White Council going on, most wizards have become even more reclusive. Anyone who has even the littlest inclining towards magic has heard about the White Council and The Wardens. The Wardens are the stuff your elders used to keep you in line. There are laws of magic that every spell caster must live by, and if you bend or break any of those laws, the Wardens will punish you. Their justice is swift and deadly. However, Wardens are like other wizard, they are extreme reclusive. You know they are around, but you never know where they are or how many are in town. The only time you hear about them is when someone dares to break one of the laws of magic

Low Level Practitioners
Low level practitioners have magical abilities, but nowhere near the power of a wizard. They are the largest group present in the city. However, they are completely unorganized and scattered. Some of them are unaware that other people have the same abilities; some of them are trying to pretend are more power than they are and attempt to associate with more power groups. Other low level practitioners just don’t care.

Dresden Files - New Orleans (The big easy has never been so tough!)

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