Peter Smith / Gospel Missions


The Gospel Mission is a large building near to the Saint Stephen’s Catholic Church. The building is old and worn down place with two stories. On the first floor, is where most of the people that need help stay. There are many larger rooms with cots for people to use. Also, there is a large kitchen and a dining area. In addition, there is a common room for people to socialize. The basement is for mostly for storage, but it does have a little exercise area and a small place for children to play. On the second floor, is the business area with a few offices. The mission is run by mostly volunteers, with few paid staff, and most of the funds use to run the facility is donations. Most people are not allowed accesses to the second floor. Also, that’s where Paul lives.


Peter is a local home town boy. He is tall and well built, with brown hair and eyes. Jeans and tee shirts tend to be his fashion statement. He was born in New Orleans and grew up in the area. He went to school at a local high school and was the star quarterback his school football team. He was offered a full ride scholarship to Miami, but for some reason, he turned into down. He chose to stay in the area. He started to dedicate his time helping his community and his church. He started a rescue mission, in association with his church, for the homeless and other people in need. He is fiercely protective of his neighborhood and is always willing to help others. Even during Hurricane Katrina, he stayed in the area to help those who could not evacuate. He became the hero of his neighborhood. In order to help and protect his community, he needs to know what threats are out there. So, he makes himself aware if anything that goes down in his neighborhood.

Peter Smith / Gospel Missions

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