Peter Driver

Shadow Master. The coolest guy you don't see


High Concept Aspect:
    Shadow Master
Trouble Aspect:
    Looking For Approval
Other Aspects:
    Over Looked
    Perfect Timing
    Finders Keepers
    Helping Hand
    Grab the “Right” Item

Superb:   Stealth;   Burglary
Great:   Craftsmanship;   Athletics
Good:   Endurance;   Alertness
Fair:   Weapons;   Resources
Average:   Conviction;   Driving

Stunts and Powers:
Cloak of Shadows (pg 169) – More effective at hiding, Under the cover of darkness get a +2 to stealth
– See in the dark, Perception skill rolls are NOT penalized by darkness
Big Picture (pg 149) – When casing a target with Burglary (pg 123) if successful define an extra aspect
No Pain, No Gain (pg 152) – Extra Physical consequence
Human Spider (pg 149) – Reduce all climbing difficulties by up to 2
Blend in (pg 156) – Blend into a crowd, if there is a crowd gain a +2 to stealth, useful to shadowing
Swift and Silent (pg 156) – when skulking any difficulties due to fast movement are reduced by 2

Physical: 4
Mental: 3
Social: 2


Dad – Benjamin
Mom – Jane
Older Brother – Jonah
Younger Sister – April