Jason Grey / New Orleans Court House


Jason’s office is in the district attorney building near the courthouse. Being that he is the top dog in his field, he has a pretty lush office compared to the other attorneys. It’s a good size office and has recently been remodel. You have your typical shelves of law books and his diploma’s and other awards posted all over the walls. One side of the room is a medium sized conference table and on the other side is his desk and guest chairs.


Jason Grey is a tall, well dressed, middle aged man. He is a top prosecutor for the city of New Orleans. You can find him in his office or the courtroom. He has a made an impressive reputation in the courtroom by convicting some of the city’s worst criminals. He is known for his savvy courtroom etiquette and his passion for justice. Everyone describes him as a man with a good head on his shoulders and always in control. He is a single man with no family, he is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the city, but he doesn’t date much.

Jason Grey / New Orleans Court House

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