Delia Toussaint-St. Fleur

Voodoo Priestess and Speaker for the Dead


This is still very tentative and may get heavily reshuffled.

Template: Focused Practitioner

High Concept: Psychopomp Mambo

Trouble: Black Magic Woman

Aspects: That Voodoo That You Do, Veve on My Door, Ti Bon Ange, True Love Down in Guinee (?), Standing at the Crossroads (click the link to go to a description of each aspect)

[-2] Ritual – Voudon
[-1] Lawbreaker – Fifth
[-1] Ghost Sight
[-1] Occultist (Voodoo)
[-1] Marked by Power – Maman Brigitte


Superb (5):
Great (4): Conviction, Lore
Good (3): Discipline, Empathy, Presence
Fair (2): Alertness, Contacts, Intimidation, Rapport
Average (1): Athletics, Craftsmanship, Performance, Scholarship, Survival




The full character background is here; this is the short version, particularly for Phase Two.

Phase One Background: Where did you come from?

Delia Toussaint gave up her chance to go to school and rise above her origins for love. She married her lover Tyree at the age of seventeen and the two of them set themselves up as houngan and mambo for their community.
Aspect: That Voodoo that You Do

Phase Two Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

When Tyree died during Hurricane Katrina, Delia opened the Gates of Guinee and brought him back from the Afterlife. A Warden came to take her life as a Lawbreaker, but Maman Brigitte, the Ghede loa intervened, claiming Delia as her own. Marked by the loa, Delia’s power grew from mortal faith into true Ritual. The Baron Samedi took Tyree back to Guinee and Maman Brigitte claimed Delia’s unborn baby as payment for her powers.
Aspect: Veve on My Door

Phase Three The Story: What was your first adventure?
On the one year anniversary of the loss of her child, Delia sacrifices an ox to lay the child’s spirit to rest. But the scent of meat and blood draws in hungry ghouls. Can Delia fight off the ghouls and still put her daughter’s soul to rest?
Aspect: Ti Bon Ange

Phase Four Guest Star: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Phase Five Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Delia Toussaint-St. Fleur

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