Curtis LeBeau / University of New Orleans


The University of New Orleans is just like every other typical college campus. It is many buildings with some old dead persons name on the side with many young and impressionable minds running around. Plus, freshman girls running around in their cute little outfits helps with the décor. The university held up pretty well against Hurricane Katrina. It suffered minimal damage and what was broke was easily repaired. Curtis’s office is the authro department. It’s down a long hall that usually needs someone to change the light bulbs frequently. The office itself is quite small, but nice furnished. The walls are lined with bookshelves filled with books and other knickknacks. Curtis desk is facing the door with two chairs in front of it. He’s a bit of old school, so there is not a lot of technology around.


Curtis is an elder black gentleman, who is always well dressed and well spoken. He has the classic tenured college professor attitude. He teaches anthropology at University of New Orleans. He likes to show everyone he is a very intelligent and loves having young college students hanging on his every word. Professor LeBeau is not native to New Orleans; he is not even native to the south. He was born and raised on the west coast. However, he does have family roots in the area. Growing up he heard many stories of Voodoo traditions from his relatives. That is why so much of his research revolves around Voodoo, and why he choice to teach at the University of New Orleans. He is known for having extensive knowledge about Voodoo and Hoodoo practices. However, he looks at it purely threw the lens of anthropology. He may know everything about it, but he does not believe in any of its power. In fact, if you believe in Voodoo and he knows this, expect to be ridicule during a conversation.

Curtis LeBeau / University of New Orleans

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