Chantel Vasquezes / The Winsdor Court Hotel


The Windsor Court Hotel is a top line hotel in the city. It was one of the first to reopen after the hurricane. It caters to the very rich and exclusive clientele. It is complete deck out in only the best. It is extremely hard to get reservations. As a side note, the doorman can sniff out trouble very well, which can make him extremely hard to get past.


Chantel is an incredible beauty woman. She is tall, thin and very busty. Her most alluring feature is her sparkling green eyes. She is general know for being an incredible expensive consort but worth it. She caters to only the most upper class gentlemen. Her little black book has everything from political leaders, actors, CEO’s to mob men. She can be any man’s dream; she can be the innocent girl next door, the sultry dominatrics or your intellectual equal. She permanently lives in one of the pent house suit of the Windsor Court Hotel. What is not well known is that Chantel is a white court vampire, who feeds off lust. She comes from a very famous family, and that’s why most of the supernatural communities know not to mess with her.

Chantel Vasquezes / The Winsdor Court Hotel

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