Jesse Jerkins / Starling Books & Crafts


Starling Books & Grafts is an occult book and supplies store. It’s an older building. It has been in the family for many generations. Upon entering, you a greeted by shelves and shelves of books and talismans. Also, behind the counter are jars filled with different dried ingredients. However, most of the things are on the first floor is materials only a tourist would buy. If you are in the know, you can get access to the basement. Down there you find almost anything the occult has to offer. Starling has everything you need down there from books, to ingredients, materials to talismans. Everyone that has any spell casting abilities shops there. During the hurricane, many of the nearly by buildings were several damaged, but Starling missed the destruction.


Jesse is a younger gentleman, in his mid twenties. He married to a young woman named Martha. Both of them work in the store. Also, they have two small children that you see playing around the shop. The family lives nearby the shop.

Jesse Jerkins / Starling Books & Crafts

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