Madame Blanca / The Bottom of The Teacup


The Bottom of the Teacup is a shop in a very touristy location. It’s a little whole in the wall. It looks like a typical fortune teller shop. It has the dramatic colored drapes, cushiony furniture and pictures of strange occultist symbols on the walls. Spread around are little talisman, books, crystals, jewelry and dried herbs for customs to purchases.


Madame Blanca’s real name is Lauren Jones. Those who knows her uses her really name. She is opposite of the image of the typical New Orleans fortune teller. You expect to see a fat old black Creole woman, and you find a young, skinny white woman. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike the other fortune tellers in the city, she is the real deal. She is gifted with the sight, and her gift is her curse. Who walks into a fortune teller shop and actually believes the person. So people don’t heed the warnings and are surprised when it actually comes true. She tapped into the sight, whether she likes it or not. She can call up the visions or they can happen at will.

Madame Blanca / The Bottom of The Teacup

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