George B / George B’s Karaoke Club


George B’s Karaoke Club is a club on Bourbon Street. It’s pretty low key. The lights are usually pretty dim except on the stage. It’s normally very busy, and it gets all kinds of business. The supernatural people/creatures frequent the establishment. It is a neutral zone, and everyone there knows it. No one creates trouble there, because the results are extremely brutal. Also, the entire bar has a very strong threshold. That is very strange, because thresholds are usually associated with strong family homes.


George B is the owner of the club. He is a man in his 40-50’s. He screams Creole. He likes to help and is very socially. He has a happy personality. He almost seems like a father figure. However, if you cause trouble or cross him you will see and his dangerous side. He is usually behind the bar serving drinks. He tapped into the pulse of New Orleans and Bourbon Street. He is in the know and he’s got the information.

George B / George B’s Karaoke Club

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