Dresden Files - New Orleans (The big easy has never been so tough!)

Let the games begin!

Things in New Orlenes are continual changing, and with all the chaos no one safe the new danger develop. Delia is close to those on the streets as she ministered to her voodoo practioners on the streets. However, in recent months she begins to notice that more and more of her people are starting to pull away. The change in the city is brought to Remy’s attention when he receives a frantic voice message from his “little sister” Ivy. He had not seen her in weeks and in the message she was pleading for help. She asked him to met her at George K bar on Bourbon Street at nine at night. When he tries to return the call, he gets on answer.

Let the games begin!

Remy’s tracks down his friend Delia and they trade information. Hosted, they are still no closer to an answer. The duo decides to split up, search for more information and met up at the bar around 8:30.

Delia first stop is Jesse’s bookstore. Upon entering she finds Jesse’s wife behind the counter and two emo high school students flipping through “Witchcraft for Dumbies” in the back stacks. After so comments about shrunken head and two very scared teenagers later, Mary calls Jesse down from the up stairs apparment. Delia and Jeese meet down in the basement of the store where the real goods are. During their conversation, Delia learn that low level magic use are show up with abilities beyond their reach. Also, a low level practioners attemped to break into the basement where the real magic items are and during the process broke through one of his wards. That should not have been possible at the kids magic level.

During the same time, Remy made a pit stop down by the dock with a Subway sandwich and Pepsi. After a little searching he could the local kind of friendly and yet so crazy bum name Roger.

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